Buying homes in Turkey

Buying homes in Turkey

Buying homes in Turkey and moving abroad is becoming very popular among expats and Turkish citizens alike. For one, there are plenty of beautiful places to live while living abroad in Turkey or any other part of the Mediterranean region. Aside from the great variety of climates and landscapes, Turkey itself has an interesting history. It was a long time ago when Greeks colonized it; and in addition, Persians, Romans and even the Turks also ruled over parts of this country. Because of its diversity in its population, it is very unlikely for you to get bored while residing in Istanbul or any of the other Mediterranean islands for that matter.

In Istanbul, you can choose between condominiums, villas and apartments to live in. There are some very nice properties being sold by private individuals and companies in Kadikoy and Moda and some of them are even being marketed and sold for low prices. If you want to make the most of your investment and you have the means to do so, then buying homes in Turkey is definitely the best option. There is no wonder why people from all over the globe would prefer to buy homes in Istanbul. It has everything they need just right in the palm of their hands.

However, not all foreigners bought their own homes in Turkey. Many foreigners are buying homes in Turkey for the retirement or vacation purpose. Since the cost of living in Istanbul is pretty low compared to other parts of the world, it is a perfect place for retirees to live in. As for vacationers, buying homes in Turkey for them will be an excellent choice as well.

Although this option for foreigners is quite popular among Turkish citizens and expats, it still presents a dilemma for many. One major dilemma that buyers have is whether they should purchase properties in Turkey through a local agent or directly. Since Turkish real estate agents work exclusively for foreigners, they might try their best to convince them to get their houses through them, thus resulting to a pretty low chance for the buyer to secure a residence permit. So, what is the solution here? Can foreigners get a residence permit on their own when buying properties in Turkey?

To answer this question, let us take a look at how the authorities in Turkey treat foreigners who are buying homes in Turkey. For one, there is an organization called Land Office which is an agency that is completely dedicated to helping foreigners acquire residency papers in Turkey. The members of this organization are predominantly from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Nepal. Some of the members of the Land Office include people from Mongolia, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Iranians, Egyptians and Africans.

Iranians and Koreans do not have to worry about getting a residency permit when buying homes in Turkey. For foreigners buying homes in Turkey, Land Office offers them a unique opportunity to use their skills and expertise to help other foreigners acquire their residency permits. A member of this organization will personally visit your property and make you aware of all the requirements you need to fulfill in order to get your residence permit. Apart from the formalities, this person will also visit your property in order to assess your needs and preferences. This assessment is normally carried out after taking into consideration your personal circumstances.

On the other hand, the members of the Land Office organization are in a good position to find property owners who are willing to sell their properties in Turkey to foreigners. They can do this by making contacts with the owners of properties located in different provinces in Turkey. Once the owner finds that there is a good possibility of having foreigners living in his estate, he may readily accept to sell his property to the foreigners.

In conclusion, it can be safely said that foreigners bought homes in Turkey can now enjoy a comfortable life in Turkey. The real estate developers have responded to the demands of the foreign nationals by building more homes for them. You should locate the right real estate agent in Istanbul to find out more about the opportunities available to you. Now that you know more about the opportunities on the market for buying homes in Turkey, you will surely find the best properties in Turkey.

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